INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center

Baptist Medical Center Services

INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center offers a full range of surgical, emergency, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative services.

Special services provided include

  • respiratory therapy;
  • rehabilitative services including physical, occupational, speech therapy and cardiac rehabilitation;
  • pulmonary laboratory,
  • ECG and EEG services;
  • radiology services including MRI, CT scan, biplane angiography, digital subtraction angiography, and both general and cardiac ultrasounds;
  • nuclear medicine and radiation therapy;
  • and Oklahoma's most comprehensive hyperbaric medicine and wound care center.

Featured Services

The Emergency Department at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center provides a wide variety of emergency services with clinical excellence, speed, technology and a focus on the patient.

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The INTEGRIS Heart Hospital is a hospital within a hospital. Conveniently located within INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City, more than 168 beds comprise the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital.

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A perfect blend of "high tech" and "high touch", the Baptist Women's Center at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City offers labor and delivery services with a family-centered approach to care.

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INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center has provided high quality life-saving pediatric services for the sickest of the sick children in our state for more than three decades.

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INTEGRIS Health has exceptionally skilled board certified surgeons that provide specialized surgical care focusing on both safety and comfort for every patient.

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INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center has individualized rehabilitation and physical therapy solutions.

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Digital imaging and radiology at INTEGRIS Health offers the most advanced services available.
INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center has 60 adult beds,10 pediatric intensive care beds and 40 neonatal intensive care beds where patients are cared for who have a variety of critical medical conditions.

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