INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center

About Us

Conveniently located within Oklahoma City’s INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center, INTEGRIS Heart Hospital (INTEGRIS Heart Hospital) is a hospital within a hospital. It consists of more than 168 beds on the facility’s 8th and 9th floors. The hospital and its innovative cardiologists and cardiac surgeons are focused on delivering the highest quality of cardiac services. The INTEGRIS Heart Hospital is the largest Oklahoma heart hospital, providing comprehensive services ranging from heart scan capabilities and cardiac catheterizations to open-heart surgeries and transplants, and Mechanical Circulatory Support devices.

An added benefit of its “hospital within a hospital” designation is the fact that 70 percent of heart patients also experience non-heart related issues. At INTEGRIS Heart Hospital, this means patients are afforded immediate, on-site access to multiple specialists who can provide the care needed.

Our heart program doesn't end in the hospital setting--it also reaches out to Oklahoma's communities. From a few outreach clinics in 2000 to more than 26 outreach clinics in 2010, the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital recognizes the importance and need to respond quickly when communities need heart care. The INTEGRIS Heart Hospital also recognizes the convenience these 26 clinics provide to patient's family members and the comfort a patient receives from meeting one of our physicians on their 'home' ground.

The professionals at the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital have been serving the Oklahoma City and surrounding communities with cardiology services longer than anyone, and over those years, INTEGRIS Heart Hospital has performed more appropriately done procedures than any other program. INTEGRIS also performs procedures on the most unstable and critical patients, yet the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital results are 80 percent above predicted outcomes. The INTEGRIS Heart Hospital understands you have choices in where you go for heart care and we invite you to choose the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital as your quality heart health partner.

The quality of care at INTEGRIS Heart Hospital has been repeatedly recognized through advancements in medical technology, quality awards and patient satisfaction:

  • Ranked #1 in Cardiology and Heart Surgery by U.S. News & World Report
  • Named by HCIA, Inc. as one of the Top 100 Heart Hospitals in the U.S.
  • Recognized multiple times by HealthGrades, Inc. as the Top Cardiac Provider in Oklahoma
  • Recognized by the National Research Corporation with the Consumer Choice Award for Heart Care
  • Services in Oklahoma City
  • Designated a Center of Excellence in recognition of expertise in cardiac care
  • First in Oklahoma and Only provider in Oklahoma City to perform Heart Transplants
  • First in Oklahoma to place a drug-eluting stent, and one of only 12 sites world-wide to participate in all three research trials associated with this technology
  • First in Oklahoma to implant an artificial heart pump to aid blood circulation in a person awaiting transplantation
  • First in Oklahoma to provide open-heart surgery using Heartport technology, which allows access to the heart without cutting through the breastbone
  • First in Oklahoma to perform coronary laser angioplasty
  • First in the United States to provide a hospital-based cardiac fitness center (PACER)
  • Nationally published for research trials and recognized as a major contributor to the advancement in cardiac disease
  • First in Oklahoma to offer the TandemHeart system