INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center

Naifeh Families Chest Pain Center

The Naifeh Families Chest Pain Center at INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center is now working with EMSA to administer lifesaving help almost immediately. New technology placed inside EMSA ambulances allows crews in the field to send EKGs and other vital data to the hospital while still en route. Emergency staff at the Chest Pain Center can then begin preparing for the patients arrival as they communicate with paramedics. It’s a head start that can be the difference between life and death.

As a result of this working partnership, the Naifeh Families Chest Pain Center recently received the “Cycle II Chest Pain Accreditation with PCI Designation” from the National Society of Chest Pain Centers. It’s the first PCI center in the state and only the sixth in the country. Percutanious Coronary Intervention, or PCI, designation is awarded when a facility can prove it has all the necessary tools and know-how to clear blockages in a timely fashion and in an organized approach to treatment. Methods such clot-busting drugs or balloon stents may be used to clear a blocked artery during a cardiac attack.

The Society of Chest Pain Centers was created to establish industry standards to improve the consistency and quality of care provided to heart patients. The accreditation process is to ensure these centers meet or exceed expectations.