INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center


Our Beginnings

The INTEGRIS Heart Hospital (IHH) began in 2000 when a group of cardiologists (serving Oklahoma patients for years) and the INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center shared a vision to create a world-class heart program. Through collaborative efforts, the program's goal was to provide the highest quality heart care to residents living in communities across Oklahoma. The plan included conveniently locating the heart hospital within INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center, allowing highly trained teams to focus on delivering excellent heart care services, with other medical specialties merely seconds away should the patient's need arise.

Since its inception, the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital evolved from a cardiovascular service line spread across the hospital, to more than 170 beds, across two floors, within INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center.

Unlike other models that provide a financial incentive to their owners to increase the bottom-line, the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital's model aims to provide the highest level of quality cardiac services--it's the level of caring that patients of IHH have come to expect from one of the nation's Top 100 Heart Hospitals (ranked by HCIA, Inc. in 1999).

The IHH program is one of the most successful and comprehensive delivery models for cardiology in the country. This level of excellence exists because the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital embodies the essence of teamwork--where physicians, administrators and staff are closely aligned and work together. The team incorporates and practices only the best protocols and procedures. They provide a coordinated, measured and timely response while presenting a true collaborative spirit.

Our heart program doesn't end in the hospital setting--it also reaches out to Oklahoma's communities. From a few outreach clinics in 2000 to more than 27 outreach clinics in 2004, the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital recognizes the importance and need to respond quickly when communities need heart care. The IHH also recognizes the convenience these 27 clinics provide to patient's family members and the comfort a patient receives from meeting one of our physicians on their 'home' ground.

Our Invitation

The professionals at the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital have been serving the Oklahoma City and surrounding communities with cardiology services longer than anyone, and over those years, IHH has performed more appropriately done procedures than any other program. INTEGRIS also performs procedures on the most unstable and critical patients, yet the IHH results are 80 percent above predicted outcomes. The IHH understands you have choices in where you go for heart care and we invite you to choose the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital as your quality heart health partner.