INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center

Why Choose a Full Service Hospital?

Since seven out of ten heart patients have additional major health problems that require the services of a multi-specialty hospital, it is comforting to know that the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital is positioned to respond quickly to meet all their medical needs. The INTEGRIS Heart Hospital at Baptist Medical Center is a heart hospital within a 'full-service' hospital. This means that in addition to receiving expert heart care, that if the need arises, quick access to a complete range of capabilities from a full-service medical staff is just down the hall, seconds away.

This is an important distinction in choosing the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital over heart-only facilities where patients must often be transported to a multi-specialty hospital to meet critical non-cardiac needs. Choosing INTEGRIS Heart Hospital ensures specialized cardiac care, while providing the convenience and quality of a full-service hospital reducing the delay in care...where time is so very important.