INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center



3300 NW Expressway
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Intensive Care Unit

The ICU is an unfamiliar atmosphere, for most people; we hope this information will help you feel comfortable here.

INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center has 60 adult beds,10 pediatric intensive care beds and 40 neonatal intensive care beds where patients are cared for who have a variety of critical medical conditions. Their heart rate and rhythm, oxygen saturation and blood pressure are being monitored at all times at the nursing station. Each nurse may have up to three patients they are caring for during their shift.

With the monitors and equipment we use, there are many different alarms and beeps. Some are minor alarms simply to tell us an IV has finished. You will become accustomed to hearing these. If a critical alarm rings, it will be checked immediately.

Visitation and Patient Updates

For the privacy of our other patients, visitors must stay in their loved ones’ ICU room or wait in the waiting room. Visitors are limited to two family members or friends per patient, at one time. Children younger than age 12 are discouraged.

Your nurse may ask you to step out of the unit when procedures and tests are performed or if the patient is not able to rest. Our first concern is for your loved one and rest is very important for the body to heal.

Please keep the patient’s safety and wellness in mind when visiting. Familiarize yourself with standard safety precautions (the rails of the bed should be in the raised position when you leave the bedside), and refrain from visiting if you are ill with a potentially contagious illness.

We want to keep you updated about your loved one. In order for your nurse to give your loved one the best possible care, it is important to establish a “Family Plan.” One or two family members can be appointed to receive regular updates and pass information on to the others who are concerned. The family member receiving the updates should be the person from whom we receive consent to treat. Your nurse will establish a “password” for the nurse to release information in person or by phone, due to federal privacy law. As we get to know you, we may not request the password when you are inquiring in person.

Cell phones must be turned off while in the unit. Take advantage of your voice mail, and take a break from the bedside to make or return calls. Clinical staff members use specialized phones that will not interfere with patient monitoring equipment.

Flowers and live plants are not allowed in the ICU, but balloons and cards are encouraged. Please do not bring food and drinks into the room. Your loved one may not be able to eat or drink.